It’s going to be a great day!

Today, it’s a bright and rather inspiring Monday morning as my wife and I launch into what looks to be a promising week. Unlike most mornings where my routine is as predictable as drawing my next breath, this one started with an early morning doctor’s appointment, 8:00AM to be exact. Though hardly amusing by any stretch of the imagination, but on arrival, it was oddly refreshing, especially after spotting a stack of styrofoam cups standing along side a majestic looking, stainless steel coffee dispenser. You know the one. Oh, its going to be a great day indeed.

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Coming again soon!

Working on my music store this weekend. If all goes well, you will once again be able to order Cds, etc. directly from me through my website.

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What time is it?

5:00 PM means absolutely nothing to me. Every hour is the same hour. Every day is a work day, and on, and on, and on… –MAURICE JOHNSON, an American Jazz Artist

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Live Music, Luxury Real Estate’s Emerging Trend

 As an independent music artist, among my many artistic ventures and endevors, writing has a significant presence.  The use of live music at luxury real estate open house events was a key topic that crossed my mind, and was a core contributor to the idea of ‘Jazz at My House’. Jazz at My House is an exclusive service that I offer to luxury home realtors/brokers, and anyone with an affinity for hosting exclusive home-based social events, e.g. cocktail gatherings, living room concerts, etc. Let the Music Play is an article that I wrote for Realtor Magazine. If you want to learn more about the advantages of this growing trend among high-stakes luxury real estate pros, click this link and read my artical. To book me for an exclusive jazz  performance at your upscale, luxury home event, email or fill out the CONTACT form listed on this site’s menu. CLICK HERE TO READ MY ARTICLE:

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My Calendar wants to meet YOUR calendar!

I am currently accepting booking reservations for the upcoming months, and would sincerly like to include your event in my performance schedule. Pick your event, and let’s get started! –MAURICE JOHNSON, An American Jazz Artist EMAIL • LIVE CHAT or CONTACT FORM

Available SOLO / TRIO / QUARTET and up

Here are a few suggestions… 

  • Home cocktail gatherings
  • Upscale / black tie affairs
  • Wedding receptions
  • Housewarming events
  • Broker/realtor open house events
  • Patio and rooftop gatherings
  • Birthday celebrations
  • Livingroom concerts
  • Fundraisers
  • Festivals
  • Candlelight, party of two arrangements
  • …and more


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