Author: Maurice

Keep an eye out…

Over time my personal website, will go through a bit of a transformation. Perhaps I should categorize it as a repurposing or rebranding of sorts. Nonetheless, as I embark upon the many pursuits that bid for my undivided attention, having arrived at the doorway of a brand new year, change is in the air.

2018 brings new beginnings for many of us

A life that moves without change is a life that longs to be lived.
Come on everybody. We all need some change in our lives. For me, it’s constantly exploring new options and challenges. Always asking myself, how can I improve. As the new year unfolds, so will I. I’m going to step out on a leap of faith as I carve new paths and move in different directions, not dancing to the same rhythm that everyone else hears. Keep an eye out for me, I’m here.
–Maurice Johnson