Building Your Music Career

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From the author of “Build and Manage Your Music Career” – This is an important book for musicians, singers and emerging talent who want to pursue a music career but don’t know where or how to begin. BUILDING YOUR MUSIC CAREER, The Guide for Today’s Musician quickly places you in an immersive experience as you gain knowledge, confidence, and self-empowerment. From a virtual over-the-shoulder vantage point, readers will gain insight on a wide range of fundamental music career talking points including, DEVELOPING A MARKETABLE ACT, FINDING YOUR MARKET, PRICING YOUR PERFORMANCES, LOCAL ENTERTAINMENT DISTRICTS, LOCAL ARTS AND TOURISM, SOCIAL MEDIA, DEVELOPING YOUR IMAGE AND BRAND and much more.

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Maurice Johnson: American Jazz Artist | Published Author of seventeen books, including, "THE POWER OF TRYING, Finding Your Success" | SelfPublishMe Founder | Consultant | Amazon Influencer
Genre: music
Publisher: SelfPublishMe
Publication Year: 2018
ISBN: 1985798883
List Price: 19.95
"It's true that not long ago it was virtually impossible to be successful in the music business without the attention/backing of a major record label, a residence in LA, NYC or Nashville and a tremendous amount of right-place-right-time luck. In 2018, all you really need are pro chops and a healthy dose of determination, plus Maurice's book! Okay, maybe you still need a little luck. But "Building Your Music Career" provides everything else, serving as a simple blueprint to help convert your art into the viable commercial commodity you need it to be. Mr. Johnson lays everything out with inarguable common sense; follow closely the sage advice provided, and your image as a legit pro will be enhanced, opening doors to new career phases. We recommend this book for all our clients!"
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