Once Upon a Time Words Had Meaning

Society seems to throw the word “hero” around too loosely. It has become applicable to just about any situation or cause, no matter how trivial or profound. Hero, I’m afraid because of its overuse is becoming as underwhelming as the word “awesome” –MAURICE JOHNSON

The Invention of Maurice Johnson – (A short narrative)

I was sixteen the day my uncle Leon handed me an old worn plastic toy guitar. Immediately I knew, it was the start of something new. “LISTEN” Because I get asked the question often, throughout my music career as a guitarist. “How did you get your start?” So here it is, in a short, narrative excerpt […]

I just want to say…

For some time now I’ve contemplated writing a blog but the question was and still is, what should I write about? to begin with, I want to say welcome to the latest version of MauriceJohnson.com… Well, let’s just call it the 2018 version. With that being said, over the years the look and feel of […]