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Maurice Johnson is much more than just a Jazz Musician... He lives the Music, the Music lives within him and he shares not only his tunes but 35 years of business experience with students. His dedication to his profession is beyond the norm. He is an inspiration to thousands of fans and students through his daily posts, memes and consistent interactions.

Managing Director - CallMultiplier
John Secondi

Maurice put the smooth into smooth jazz! great artist and a wonderful human being! If you get a chance to hear him - or even better, meet him in person AND hear him - do it!

Luxury Homes and More
Lisa Bell

Maurice did an excellent job. I would hire him again!

Owner/Weddings by Gail
Gail Rocquemore

Looking for a smooth sound for your wedding ceremony, reception, cocktails, showers, dinner rehearsal, Well look no further. Maurice Johnson Music can help add just the right about of flavor for your celebration. I have had the opportunity to listen to his music, and he is terrific. Gail Rocquemore Weddings by Gail

Lasting Impressions Event Planner
Janice Smith

Very nice winding down music. I would encourage everyone to purchase the CD's.


Maurice is a great artist! I've bought a couple of his CD's and they were great! If you get the chance to see him live, don't miss the opportunity.

Maurice's Music Transports You!

As Maurice begins to play you will find yourself in another world. His music transports you to your inward self where peace and love abide and the distractions of the world are silent. And when the music stops you will carry the effects of it for a long time. Take a journey with him as he shares his gift.

Smooth Jazz at its finest
Connie Rose

Maurice hits all the notes and finds a way into your soul. His music is relaxing, inspiring and fun! You're just not gonna find that everywhere! I am a BIG fan!


I became acquainted with Maurice Johnson's exquisite jazz guitar playing at numerous venues around Oklahoma City. His expertise is immediately recognizable and he manages to draw your complete attention to the music as it weaves a sultry or a soothing web on a cellular level. I have rarely found an artist who kept me spellbound for hours. Mr.Johnson has managed to make me a diehard jazz fan and his CDs are must haves for any true jazz aficionados' collection.

Radio Announcer
Patricia Lever

Always relevant, always soul stirring! One of the leading jazz artists we have today! Magnificent!

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