I just want to say…

For some time now I’ve contemplated writing a blog but the question was and still is, what should I write about?
to begin with, I want to say welcome to the latest version of… Well, let’s just call it the 2018 version. With that being said, over the years the look and feel of this site have evolved to conform to needs of both you and me. My main objective for this site is it has to be a useful tool that serves potential clients as well as general site visitors. As an independent musician/artist who makes his living primarily as a guitarist, the stakes are pretty high when it comes to sustaining a personal economy while maintaining the delicate balance of remaining relevant and visible within my market. That applies to both, local and national markets. That’s why my presence on social media is critically important, just as each and every one of you are an important piece of my marketing puzzle, or demographic if you will.
Currently, I sustain several social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Reverbnation, etc. Funny, there are networking sites out there that I don’t even remember… Nevertheless, they all support the same targeted goal in an effort to facilitate some aspect of marketing/branding endeavors in one respect or another. I’ve also discovered that timeline activity on some of these platforms can move at a rather fast clip. Staying on top of it all with a modicum of consistency can be a pretty good juggling act at times. Bottom line is, (and I’m not afraid to admit it) – Without you, there’s no me. So, if you’re a supporter, keep buying my music. Keep telling friends family and strangers about me. If you’re a vendor, club, cafe, supper club, live music supporter, keep inviting me to perform at your place of business, in your home or at your events. THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT! If you would like to ask me a question, send me an email at I will respond. –MAURICE JOHNSON

A Dose of Insight, Motivation and Inspiration in a New, Upcoming Book

Incredible as life is on a daily basis, there are those who are still waiting in the wings in hopes of seeing a glimpse of their own shining star. To this day I continue to explore the rich textures of life’s canvas in the art of living, while the optimist within me prevails. Having lived a  life propelled largely by motivation and a chronic case of ambition, it seemed only fitting for me to share it with you in a new upcoming book, (TITLE TO BE ANNOUNCED). It’s in the works. I write every day and if everything goes as expected, it will be released early 2018. In the meantime check out my current selection of books at, or visit my Amazon author page.

Thanks to Okla Gazette for an outstanding feature story in the June 28th issue

I was pleasantly surprised after receiving an email from Oklahoma Gazette arts and entertainment writer, Ben Luschen. In it, he expressed his interest in discussing my new book series along with aspects of my own development as a musician. After it was all said and done, I have to admit, he did a very nice job of making it an interesting, accurate and informative read, bringing out key points and little known facts about a young and ambitious Maurice Johnson. Click this link or the image below to read the full story.