Thanks to Okla Gazette for an outstanding feature story in the June 28th issue

I was pleasantly surprised after receiving an email from Oklahoma Gazette arts and entertainment writer, Ben Luschen. In it, he expressed his interest in discussing my new book series along with aspects of my own development as a musician. After it was all said and done, I have to admit, he did a very nice job of making it an interesting, accurate and informative read, bringing out key points and little known facts about a young and ambitious Maurice Johnson. Click this link or the image below to read the full story.

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Calling all patios, rooftops, backyards and living rooms!

Warm weather is coming and it’s time, once again to enjoy unforgettable evenings of jazz, fun, friends, family, food and cocktails. You pick the place and I’ll bring the guitar. This time you can tell them, it’s JAZZ AT MY HOUSE with Maurice Johnson!

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I was recently interviewed by jazz author, Debbie Burke. Check it out!

Jazz à La Mood

With a hit called “Black Coffee Please” – and a video showing a full morning of diner stops for the best java jolt – smooth jazz guitarist Maurice Johnson has been groovin’ on since he first heard George Benson. READ THE FULL INTERVIEW HERE…

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Nonprofits supporting arts, culture and education, here’s where we connect

My question is, “How can I help YOU?”
Since a growing number of my client base are nonprofit entities, I want to make my availability more apparent to your markets. If anyone has a sincere query, I’ll be happy to discuss your project or event. Be sure to look for me on the Oklahoma Arts Council Performance Artist Roster at, Oklahoma Arts Council Performance Artist Roster.

…And by the way, if you’re an Oklahoma based nonprofit, 501 (c)3 or within the surrounding states, and would like to bring me to your city, be sure to check out the Oklahoma Arts Council and Mid-America Arts Alliance grant programs.

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