I’ve played guitar in my living room for years and now I’m ready to play in YOURS

I’m talking about you hosting a House Concert in your living room, backyard or other casual intimate settings. I’m often asked, “Maurice would you be available to perform at my home?” So, for the record, the answer is “Yes, I would be delighted to!” Since followers and fans like you have expressed an interest, I’ve given the option to host a House Concert an upfront focus on Site visitors can now select House Concert as a booking option. To be perfectly honest, I actually prefer an intimate and exclusive performance over a large and distant stage. At heart, I’m a people person and I enjoy cultivating meaningful relationships with fans. Dealing directly with fans who are simply there for the love of music is priceless. Do me a favor and click the like and share buttons below. Tell friends and family, I’ll play my guitar in their living room too. –Maurice Johnson

Live Music, Luxury Real Estate’s Emerging Trend

 As an independent music artist, among my many artistic ventures and endevors, writing has a significant presence.  The use of live music at luxury real estate open house events was a key topic that crossed my mind, and was a core contributor to the idea of ‘Jazz at My House’. Jazz at My House is an exclusive service that I offer to luxury home realtors/brokers, and anyone with an affinity for hosting exclusive home-based social events, e.g. cocktail gatherings, living room concerts, etc. Let the Music Play is an article that I wrote for Realtor Magazine. If you want to learn more about the advantages of this growing trend among high-stakes luxury real estate pros, click this link and read my artical. To book me for an exclusive jazz  performance at your upscale, luxury home event, email or fill out the CONTACT form listed on this site’s menu. CLICK HERE TO READ MY ARTICLE: