Nonprofits supporting arts, culture and education, here’s where we connect

My question is, “How can I help YOU?”
Since a growing number of my client base are nonprofit entities, I want to make my availability more apparent to your markets. If anyone has a sincere query, I’ll be happy to discuss your project or event. Be sure to look for me on the Oklahoma Arts Council Performance Artist Roster at, Oklahoma Arts Council Performance Artist Roster.

…And by the way, if you’re an Oklahoma based nonprofit, 501 (c)3 or within the surrounding states, and would like to bring me to your city, be sure to check out the Oklahoma Arts Council and Mid-America Arts Alliance grant programs.

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Maurice Johnson: American Jazz Artist | Published Author of seventeen books, including, "THE POWER OF TRYING, Finding Your Success" | SelfPublishMe Founder | Consultant | Amazon Influencer

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